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Ok got a new toy


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Bought a disco today . Somthing for the misses and off roading. But more importantly for Jules to hack around Fraser Island when he comes over in August :D

Its a 96 3.9 V8

Ok now wait for Jules to take the ??? that i have bought a V8 after i always going on about Diesel. Well if you were paying 40p a Ltr for petrol you would have a V8 too :lol:

But the plan is to have it as a family car for the next year (while we do up the house ) and then get a D2 TD5 in a year and the d1 to become the toy and challenge truck. But build up the under neth in the mean time. Well be for i get the electric spanner to the body work




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I am in Newtown Road, just by the Health Centre, off Romsey Rd. Just up from the old burnt out church.

I am surprised you do not recognise the ID, you have my ex, Naomi, working on your Site!!

This is where I get very embarresed and can't remember anyones names and can't put a face to it and don't know who Naomi went out with, I just smile as if I know who she is talking about people from the club:huh:

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