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Sod's law


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Driving back along M25 yesterday and start to lose power, also notice plume of diesel smoke billowing out the back and whistle of turbo. Luckily I was just coming up to A1M junction and South Mimms services, so I pull in and open up the bonnet. Soon notice that intercooler pipe has come off and jubillee clip is fortunately sitting in gap between wing panel and radiator. Take off grill to retrieve the jubille clip, but neither leatherman or freebie teng mini socket set are long enough to reach to tighten up jubillee clip. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and Sod's law dictates that I took my tools out at the weekend and didn't put them back in! :angry:

So call to Land Rover assistance and they arrive in 30 mins so not too bad and time for me to get something to eat and a coffee so can't complain and as predicted I'm my way again in just over 5 mins of the technician arriving. :)

Question I know you get oil deposits in intercooler, but when pipe came off there seemed to be more than just deposits - is this normal??



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My turbo/intercooler pipes have always been oily. The Discovery ones are even worse.

Not sure if they should be but both cars are still running so I am not worried. Maybe I should be...

Will :)

Thanks Will, I'm still not used to these noisy diesel engines ;), although I rapidly got used to the better mpg! :)


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I guess that oil vapour coming from the engine goes into the intercooler, cools down and condenses. Mine is shocking. :)

Bizarrely, after your telephone call, I too broke down close to the M25 last night - when the engine failed to start upon leaving my brother-in-law's. Turned out to be the signal wire falling off the starter again. :( Another job to attend to before Spain...


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