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which oil for engine re-assembly


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I am nearly at the point of re-assembling my 200tdi engine , its had a re-bore, new pistons, shells etc and i was wandering what oil to use on the bearings,seals, bores etc during the re-build to help preserve it until i fit it and run it up if you see what i mean?



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Assembly lube - you should be able to get it from most engine reconditioners. Its like a molybdenum grease.

Advantge with it is that being a grease it stays where you put it, where if you use oil and then dont run the engine for a few weeks it tends to drain down off the internals.


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Definitely proper pre-lube as the engine will run dry for a few seconds until the oil gets round and under pressure. You could also crank it on the starter with fuel cut off switch disconnected until the oil pressure warning light goes out. This ensures that when it fires up, oil is circulated.


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I used a 50/50 mix of engine oil and STP on advice of a mate

who's rebuilt many a rally car engine over the years. Sticks

like the proverbial to a blanket.

I also wound the engine over with the fuel cut off disconnected

and without the glow plugs in till the pressure got up. And after

putting them back in again cranked before reconnecting the cut


So far, 600miles in it's running sweet.

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as said above, assembly lube.

We used to take the plugs out to stop it firing then wind it up with the starter to get some oil around it, then start it properly running it up to full temp.

Not sure if thats all strictly essential, but the guy who taught me is still building race engines and has a good rep for over 30 years.


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