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setting FIP


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Ok, my truck cab came with the timing 'played with abit'

i am not sure how much of which elements were played with but what i am trying to do is to get it back to std setup so i have a datum to run from.

i have put the diaphragm back to its original factory setting, you can tell as it has the needle marks on it from where the needle used to go on the profile.

Smoke screw has gone ACW 1.5 turns and the star wheel is unchanged.

at the moment, power is OK, she will pull 75/80 on the speedo which is 10% under.

BUT she smokes alot on startup - black smoke which to me says unburnt fuel

so suggestions? smoke wheel (sounds logical but it doesn't seem to have much affect) or star wheel?

PS the only reason i understand any of it as White90 showed me how to adjust it first time when i was trying to get it to std, thank you tony.

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woops i go tthe topic wrong

it should say setting the FIP to factory setup - sorry.

i was thinking worn rings etc and the oil could be burning but she doesn't use any!

James, have you allowed for the fact that Tdi's always smoke at startup. They do also burn a lot of oil as a natural phenomena

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yep, this one smokes a bit too much and thats even if you only stop and turn the engine off for a minute so i discounted the oil seepage on that account.

i don't touch the accelerator on start up either.

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I'd leave well alone it drives lovely

a bit of smoke never hurt anyone

my 300 does the same.

ps the only way to get factory spec is to remove it and get Elctro diesel or similar o set it up on a test bed/calibration machine

costs £150ish

then you have to remove/refit it.

result=car is gutless and uses same amount of fuel...

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problem is the MOT man aint that happy with it

What it does at start-up is nowt to do with him is it? Make sure that the engine is well warmed up (properly, 1/2 hour minimum) before he tests it and it will fly through the emissions part of the test. You have seen mine. Always passes by a mile on the MOT though.


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Chris - agreed, but

when i am driving the only time i notice any 'excess' (as in more than expected for a tdi) is on start up. Jase and Tim have both followed me recently and said its not smoking.

therefore the only tell tale sign i have is smoke on startup.

yet it fails the emissions test when fully warm, hence trying to find where it should be so i can adjust it to that (prior to?) for a test.

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