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Totally O/T


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Thats Astro Al's 404 camper conversion.

such crafstmanship - it was built like that - not actually crashed :ph34r:

Aaahh, the high level of completeness fooled me, didn't think it could be one of his 'cos it looked like it might actually move :lol:

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One burning question......

That is probably the best question ever asked on this forum...


Its Big, whatever it is.

Whats this? The King of Bling needs a lesson in style?!?

Its not crashed, Mr Moglite, its built like that to look like its crashed. Its like buying a pair of ready-worn jeans.

Its just cool, but no-one can explain exactly why.

If all my fabrication comes out like that, its just added value! (Or lack of a tape measure :ph34r: )...


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it wasnt a logging trailer - you can tell those dents as they are always off camber and a metre or so deep - heaps of fun at 50+ mph :lol: tracked log muchers make nice even trenches, Zils make whopping holes but usually looong

thats just a divot fella - Dan you're gonna see a lot bigger very very soon :D

ahh - from the sound of it almost the entire In-Team mafia are tagging along too, no pressure then :unsure:

Corrode - Im staying in the fluffy bunny brigade, those lads are big league.

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