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Centre Silencer

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I'm not sure if my centre silencer needs replacing, when I shake the silencer I can hear a slight rattle indicating that the baffles my have collapsed. If this is the case would I notice any difference in noise when driving, especially at certain rev ranges.


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Guest diesel_jim
did this on my ex-2.5TD [now a 200Tdi] 110 recently, the straight through pipe just replaces the centre silencer part & seems to help the turbo spin up quicker

here :D

yoiu'll be fitting neon washer jets and a Maxx power stereo soon Ralph! B)

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I'll get you some nice bling blue washer jets with lights and bring them with me when we sort a date Ralph.. :)

Maybe a nice red light to run under your 110 !!!


oh god, not you joining in too :P

I hate those blue washer jet lights & under vehicle lights, :angry:

give me a good set of blue rotators [like my amber lightbar] then I'll be very happy :D :D

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