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best place to buy 8274-50


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Yep,bought an xp motor off them a few weeks ago and they were very good.As for the ce mark,they are all made in the same place so i wouldnt worry.It isnt as though you are buying a chinese replica where quality is variable :o its still genuine warn

Paul :)

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Apparently there are some warranty issues with the grey imported kit that is market by muddytrout.


Not a massive problem if you're going to massivly modify the winch BUT if you're staying fairly standard it may be a problem. That said, its very hard for the big suppliers to match muddytrout's prices. 2 years ago I bought an XP motor from them and, before buying, spoke to Frogs Island 4x4 (as with Jules they do me excellant deals) and they told me muddytrout's prices were significantly less than cost (£30 - £40 IIRC)!!!!

However, if you're in the market for plasma and a set of Albright contactors (deffinatly get a set as the Warn solinoids are worse than useless) then the big suppliers like Frogs Island 4x4 (speak to JJ) and Devon 4x4 should be able to do you a good deal.

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Muddytrout do CE ones as well - mine was from them anyway and its not an import. £850 i paid.

if you want rope as well then Goodwinch is a good place to start, or try both from d4x4, Simon has recently had some good prices on 8274s with plasma

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