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currently useing a series servo to assist with stopping has anyone tried fitting a rangy or 90

servo to a series pedal box

brakes are ok but takes a lot of effort to stop (running rangy axles)

cheers for any info


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Yeah you need an early 110 one. You need to fit the entire pedal box. Series dual circuit master will bolt up, but you'll need to trim the inner wing.

Dont try the larger diamter later defender one, as although it'll fit the bulkhead you'll find the bonnet wont shut!


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cheers guys

will try and get the measurements from a normal 90 one forgot to mention mines a lwt

so i may have a little bit more clearence

if not i'll try to find a 110 one


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On a lightweight the larger servo will fit just with no cutting, I've got one in mine.

As Jon says fit the whole pedal box, you also need to mod the pedal slightly by shortening it back as its longer.

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Hi guys,

This might be a bit off-thread, but I'm currently surfing the web for a swift solution to a loong problem...:)

I live in Norway, and according to the regulations, all cars built after 1971 (I think, mine is a 1975, so it is under the rule) has to have dual-line brakes unless they are registered with a "usage clause" which limits the ways I use the vehicle. So I embarked on the mission, prior to registration. And having built everything from the tires and up to the pedal box, I find that part no 569652 has gone out of production and I can't buy a standard pedal box for the car (my plan was to leave it with as original a state as possible, but with the dual-lines, so I went for standard equipment, UNF and all).

So now I am faced with the following dilemma; I have everything up to the servo, which ia a standard 88/109" servo, but nothing to connect it to...:)

1. Can I fit a Defender pedal box? (This would be great, there are many complete sets with Defender box/servo/master cylinder available on eBay)

2. Must I use a Series box, if so, where can I get one? (Would be nice to have it as close to original as possible)

3. If a Defender box fits, what other equipment/parts should I swap while I am at it? (i.e.: What is actually the best brake system?)

4. Read somewhere that a Defender box was too large...my ending points are:

- Why no more 569652's? No "unorignal manufacturers" somewhere?

- Any used shops you could recommend?

- Do the Series servo fit against a Defender bracket/pedal box?

- My Dad used to say; "Don't force it son, just get a biggher hammer" (Meaning if the servo fits the bracket, I'll get a hammer to fix the rest...:)

Really want to get the car on the road before summer starts, would appreciate any advice I can get. Happy to start another thread; "how to swap single-line for dual-line breaks"..:) Feel anyone could benefit from this on older cars, and I am also thinking about making the brake lines "crossed" like in newer cars, instead of front/back divided into circuits.



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I've been searching the auctions online, and from the pictures it seems there are two types of fixings to mount the servo, with different measures for the bolts that go from the pedal box to the servo itself. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, I've read some places that the Defender box should fit nicely, as long as I remove a piece of the wing top. This is of no concern to me, I am more worried about wether I will be able to close the bonnet or not..:)

Do all Defender master cylinders have mm gauges, or are some UNF?

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both type of defender pedal boxes will fit a series bulkhead, but if you want your bonnet to shut then fit an early defender pedal box and servo.

the 6 bolt holes which hold it in will tie up with the series bulkhead, on a 2a you have to extend the middle slot where the pedal sticks through though.

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