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Discovery TD5 chip/power upgrades?


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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 2002 Discovery TD5 with approx 50k miles on the clock. I have read about chip power upgrades and would welcome your views on whether it's worth installing one? I have concerns about reliability and whether the quoted power increases can be achieved?

Thanks in advance......

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I chipped my TD5 90 what a difference i was told it puts 40ish bhp and 75ish lbs of torque

it goes like the clappers and its better on fuel when driven normally and towing is a lot easier

need a 1-2 transfer box now

highly recomended

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Saley - i have a 1.2 T box if you want it (£75)

my td5 has a JE replacement ecu as it was an early non flashable chip. very please with it. my advice on a flashable ecu would be to go for the autologic upgrade. my old man is running this set up in his 03MY disco and what a difference, mpg up as well. good £££ per Bhp as well. far better than the plug in options in my opinion as i doesnt just add more fuel but works in conjunction with all the other sensors on the vehicle.

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