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Wheel PCD


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Yep, just like wheelspacers but a little more complicated. There were some sets on ebay that let you run "classic" Land rover wheels on a transit!

In "think" D2 and D3 are the same PCD but the nuts/studs are different. You can get little inserts that you press into the holes to run D3 wheels on P38

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So I "could" fit a set to a RRC?

To fit L322 RR, LR3 and RRSport wheels to a P38a or Disco II you need adapeter rings for the hub and wheel nuts that have a collar to them.

If wanting to fit L322 RR, LR3 and RRSport wheels to a Series, Defender, RRC, you'll need to make sure that the adapter has the correct hub diameter. IIRC Simmonites do them and they are something like 350 pounds a set. So plus alloy wheel nuts and you are looking at 400 UKP before you buy wheels. btw have you looked at the price of 19" rubber, it's not cheap when it comes time to replace.



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