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Tdi into My Hybrid

Corrode Finger

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Certain TDi auto bits are rare and expensive, they're flavour of the month with the challenge boys at the moment so fetch good money - and you can't join a TDi to a V8 auto box (well, you can, but you need the aforementioned expensive bits).

Bolting a clutch m/c on to yours is easy, they just have a hole with a blanking plate on the bulkhead. As for engine & gbox mounts lining up, I'm not sure. Would the lump in question include all the ancillaries and other junk you need to plumb a TDi in?

Do you need a TDi? Do you do enough miles to warrant the expense versus a bit of fuel saving?

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IMHO its a non starter trying to put a Tdi in front of a V8 autobox. It'll be less expensive and stressful to get a complete Tdi and autobox and drop the whole lot in. However this will never be a really cheap option. You will struggle to find a Tdi and autobox that isn't a total dog for under £1.5 k

Engine mounts won't line up however gearbox should be easier - gearbox cross members are interchangable so you just need a Tdi one.

Does it have to be a Land Rover Tdi? If not I'd suggest a 2.8 Isuzu as they're cheap, will go straight onto a V8 autobox with a fairly cheap conversion plate and are easily tunable.

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I've just put a V8 autobox behind my 300Tdi. It's quite possible but you need the right bits. I bought a conversion kit second hand on here and I thought I had the right bits but it turned out I didn't (and the bits that I had hadn't been installed quite properly) and it ate a flex plate in short measure. With the right bits it's just a nut and bolt job. The hardest bits to find are a conversion ring to mate up the bellhousing to the flywheel housing, and 'some method' of bolting the torque converter to the crankshaft. I'm using a manual flywheel with some holes tapped in it to carry a spacer and then the flex plate, but its a very heavy option. It might be rebuildable with the correct auto starter ring (much less inertia) but it's together and it works so it can stay for now!

All seems to be running ok now, offroad it's a boon and on-road it's nice, although the fuel economy has definately taken a hit. Starting again I'd do the same, but if I didn't have the right bits (a Tdi auto kit would be easiest) I'd seriously look at a manual.

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IMHO the best route is to find an auto Disco (200 or 300). Should find one easily enough and swap the complete drivetrain. I did this (was lucky to find a 200 auto) broke the rest of the Disco, sold the V8 & boxes and came out quids in on the whole thing.

With Sodbury just around the corner this is the perfect time to be doing it.

If you read Turbocharger's thread on mating a V8 box to a TDi you will see it is not all plain sailing.

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Would the lump in question include all the ancillaries and other junk you need to plumb a TDi in?

The lump in question potentially comes attached to a whole donor RRC, hence the options to take box etc also!!

As far a fuel saving, i know, its not doing huge miles, the tdi would just make it more useable.

Will, as for the 2.8 Isuzu, did not know that, but the only reason for it being a LR tdi is the unexpected availability of it.

So as the auto V8 box is a non starter, how straightforward is the tdi and manual box combo to drop into a space that had a 3.9 auto?

Its obviously on a RRC chassis, but got defender bodywork!

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