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HELP! - 200tdi will NOT start!

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I hope someone can shed some wisdom on this nightmare problem!!!

I must admit I haven't been directly involved in the work, but it's my car, and I'd like to have it working again!!!

My friend, who's a very competent and qualified mechanic did my timingbelt for me, as I haven't had time myself...

He's done these many times before, as well as regularly working on far more complicated things than a basic 200tdi engine!

Basically - replaced the timing belt - had a bit of a mare getting things off, siezed this and that, but after the initial hastle, things went fine...

After re-build - the dammn thing just will NOT start at all.

It's crazy - stripped it all down again, checked, double checked all timing marks - including the bell housing marks - all correct.

Fuel pump locked with the pin, timing marks all check out OK

Compression checked - all fine

Fuel is being delivered out of the pump to the cylinders (removed pipe to check)

Just will not fire - can turn it over all day, tow start, etc etc - nothing - not a peep, not even an attempt to fire.

Bear in mind - this engine was absolutely fine before - the cambelt replacement was a maintenance thing - it had not broken, just routine maintenance.

Any ideas? - it seems so simple, everything appears OK, but maybe we're missing something?



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Many thanks for ALL the replies! - I must admit, this has caused me to MAKE time to look at this, rather than being lazy and letting someone else get on with it!!!

Firslty, it's now working! - yippee!

Secondly, my 'mechanic' mate has got a black eye! (not really, just sent back to school!)

The problem? - The pump timing was 180 degrees out.

HOW I hear you all cry! - well, as I mentioned, it was a major hasstle to get everything apart, as the previous owner, or garage, or whoever had gone MAD with a bottle of locktite, and 'fixed' the sheared woodruf key on the crank with a HUGE breaker bar and lots and lots of locktite.......Same applied to the waterpump, viscus fan, etc....NICE!

And some other bodger in the past had made a second 'timing punch mark' on the Cam pulley - 180 degrees opposite from the original one...

So, amongst all the confusion of having to cut things off with gas (like the bottom crank timing belt pulley - ouch!) the pump was locked, but the cam pulley was moved onto the 'wrong' timing mark....

Crank set correctly, keyway at 12:00 - all re-assembled.....

Hence crank and cam were OK, but pump was 180 degrees out.....

Now, it's not totally the end of the story!

It's all working now, and seems to pull ok, but I'm sure it vibrates more than it used to at 3000 rpm! - kind of a 'tingling' vibration through the gearstick, and it reverbarates in the cabin. Nasty at 70mph - 3000rpm!

Don't know if it's just me, having driven a newer car for a while, with the Disco in the workshop for ages....but is does seem to have more vibration than it used to....

Any ideas? - I'm going to take a look over it this weekend, see if anything is obvious.....

And thanks again for all the ideas and support!!

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Glad you got it sorted. Using a punch on the inj pump sprocket is a bad idea - pumps are very expensive to fix. I quite often make my own timing marks rather than faff around with fancy setting tools, but it's normally just a scratch with a screwdriver or a Tippex dot.


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