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Propane squirt on a 200Tdi


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Any one made up an install themselves?

know i need a solenoid like on a petrol LPG install, a regulator of some sorts but how do i meter how much gas is going in the inlet manifold? need some sort o boost controlled solenoid o sorts,

Any suggestions?

Try this http://www.mrsharkey.com/lpg.htm

When you've read the diy lpg bit go to the top of the page have a look at the "pusher"


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I played with this on my 110.

What you need is a regulator - such as you might use to run a stove etc.

The regulator is trying to keep the pressure correct on the output side. As the engine speeds up, the pressure on the inlet to the turbo drops. if the propane is just being fed through a pipe into the inlet, the regulator needs to deliver more gas to keep the pressure the same - so it self-meters.

All you have to do is set the flow / pressure on the regulator to something about right. Works surprisingly well. I just used a little gas bottle and a regulator bought from a boot sale.


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I am looking at proporsional valves for just this job, the presure from the turbo boost is used to raise the diaphram in the regulater and allow more LPG in as the boost (and therfore the diesel) increases. When I find the right one I will post details.

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