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SLRC bunnylane fun day 25th


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  • 4 weeks later...

I've got to fix the front diff one evening this week but its raining till Wed and the RR is at the bottom of the drive oh joy.

I was suppose to replace the VC and the two front wish bones of Viks freelandeer and the pads and give it a service this weekend but its rained none stop.

should make the water fun at bunny ;)

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Since www.shirelrc.com is down at the moment I'll post details & directions here (please use www.shirelrc.co.uk in the meantime)

Map to Bunny Lane is here: Google maps - Bunny Lane

Start is 1000 (signing in from 0930)

Gates close at 1600

Price is £20 per vehicle

Burger van will be on site

Marshals will be on hand as usual

You must wash your wheels off before leaving site, there will be washing facilities on site - please don't use them to do a full valet job!

We are running a free fun challenge on the day - ask at signing in if you'd like to enter, there is no extra charge for entering. This will run alongside the normal play day so you can still turn up and play.

There will be a trials section through canes without stopping or hitting any canes.

Next will be a selection of punches which must be got in order if you can.

Finally will be a timed hill climb with a twist - there will be a target time, the closest will get 10 points, over or under will lose points.

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Shires play day challenge for fun and family day

ARC member welcome :P

There is a clash with HBRO but ho hum

the fun challenge is for non modified so big boys need not bother

the rest of the site is still open for a play day

they have changed it to big boys challenge so we are all going

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Thanks to all for organising the challenge. I managed 1 second over the target time for the hill climb, I ran over one gate and failed two gates on the trials section, and I had to get winched out of the punch challenge after getting three :lol: , and I only broke it a little bit...

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had a good day, cheers

I've a few photos I'll upload in a bit (and if some techy type can advise a vid of Fridge in the pond, it's quite large, not sure how as haven't taken it off the camera yet) - went and worked out youtube (all on my own - be able to operate the computer without supervision soon :) )

photos -


not sure how this ended up here - shortly after a standard looking 109 bimbled past on the higher section with no fuss, mind you this left the site trailing a large cloud of smoke :o

post-2056-1196028206_thumb.jpg post-2056-1196028245_thumb.jpg

all 'cos a disco did this (see next post)

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