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Track rod end thread type


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sorry don't know what the thread size is but.. on the track rod, one end is left hand threaded and the other right..

all i have in the past to strengthen was to sleeve them is some decent thick wall tube...

hope this helps

not in all cases mate. they come both in left and right handed threads

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As Phil says the thread is 11/16" by 16tpi.

Unless you want a non standard lenght steering bar for some reason you are better off buy a set of heavy duty bars, lots of different ones on the market now.

You are not likely to find many machine shops with a RH tap and LH ones are a custom made item and very rare and expensive so you would be lucky to find one in even a big machine shop.

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Looking to make up some stronger steering rods, and was hoping someone would know the thread size to save me dismantling mine.


11/16" 16 tpi

The taps will cost you a fortune, especially the left hand one....

If you want to go into production I could probably get you the taps at a half sensible price but if you just want a set for your own car then buy a pair - they will be cheaper than the taps....

One of the reasons I stopped making my Llama-bars was the cost of tool replacement was actually becoming a big part of the cost... plus the fact that people were happy to buy crappy ones out of soft cheese rather than pay the much higher price for the ones I was making out of the correct grade steel hex etc...

Good luck with the project.....


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How I did my HD tie rod version 2.0

1. Get tie rod from truck OD=30mm, ID=19mm

2. Cut both ends of the old LR tie rod on the right side or use for this track rod. You need LH tread piece and RH tread piece and RTC5870 + RTC5869

3. Drill ID=22mm on the HD rod

4. Insert cuted pieces and weld.

HD tie rod ready fore use.

HD tie rod Ver1.0 gone, has been not strong enough and I did 2-nd, but pictures can help to understand


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