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Fitting Light Guards

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No instructions or fixings, and a tendency to find myself doing things the hard way, hence the query! Using rivnuts is a good suggestion as it avoids the need to get at the back of the panel, unfortunately I haven't got the tools. Never mind, it's pouring down here so a job for another day in any case.


What no fitting instructions with them :lol: either use rivnuts in the body for the bolts or screws to screw into or just drill & use bolts/nuts or just don't bother fitting them.
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When I had a S3 it had light guards that had dented the wing fronts and made removal and light lens replacement a pain. I ended up using the round headlight guards used on racing MGBs. They clip in place on little clips attached to the headlight bowl flange and protect the headlight from minor damage. I also carried spare lenses for the side and indicator lights.

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I agree they make changing bulbs a pain, but if you fit rivnuts you only have to undo the top 2 nuts and they fold down. The biggest advantage is to stop tree branches and the like scratching the front... shame they couldn't do the same for the sides! ;)

If you want to minimise fitting the rivnuts the only ones you really have to fit them too are the top of the passenger side guards. The others are accessible from underneath and through the 'blanked off wing intake' respectively.

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