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Oh Crap!


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OK, so when i changed the gearbox i my Rangey i knew the rear crank seal was leaking so i popped a new one (Britpart) in place, all seemed fine for a few hundred miles but now its peeeing out!!!! :angry::angry:

So i guess it back to the workshop and out with the motor! it's a different one as i usually pull gearboxes out!

sometimes i wonder what it is thats so great about Land Rovers?!?!?



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Is it a single lip seal?

Often the seal will wear a groove in the crank so even fitting a new seal may not cut it.

If you have the old seal you can read the seal size as a breakdown of the part number moulded into it.

Take the seal to a seal/bearing supplier who will be able to find you either a double lip seal which should fix the problem or a narrow version of the single lip. With this seal you drive it right back into the housing and because the seal is narrower the lip will sit on a different part of the shaft.


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When I enquire about buying bits for my motors I always ask if it's the afore mentioned 'part and won't buy if that's all that's available.

One drives a Range Rover so one has to have certain standards

Easy enough said, but how many of us have gone to the trouble of ordering genuine or OEM parts from suppliers, only to have cheap aftermarket ones turn up?

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If in doubt, buy from a franchised LR dealer.

Yes, I know its more expensive!

When fitting that seal you need to have the mating surfaces absolutely clean & free from any trace of oil as they have a nasty habit of popping out.

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