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Engine Gasket Sets


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Ive had some quotes from companies I won't mention (no disrespect intended).

For a 200TDi defender lump a genuine bottom end set is about £90 and a genuine top end set is about £80.

Similar items for non genuine are both about £20?

Given that we are look at about 4 x the price for genuine what do you recommend?

I want to keep my project long term and don't mind paying the extra if it is warranted.

There must be a few of you out there who do this for a living (or a paying hobby :D ) who have experience of both genuine/non genuine sets so.....

Your opinions please....


G :)

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I fit genuine to any job where if it goes "pop" :( I would go ****

If it is not that important or crucial I will fit not genuine but expect a makers anme or someone to own up to making it rather than a plain white box with 'screwewe' on it in invisble writing, some non genuine stuff is appalling some is OK, genuine is at least genuine

Sorry to be so technical, hope it helps :lol:


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