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Propshaft UJ's

Jon W

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My rear UJ on my rear propshaft has needed to be replaced more frequently that the rest. The one on there now i think is on its way out as there is a bit of play in it. It has been on there since start of september as the last one nackered on the way home from tony's birthday bash. So since then it has only done 3-4000 miles. I grease them after every hard off road session. So what am i doing wrong when i replace them as the rest of the joints last well and this it the 3rd or 4th time i have replace this particular joint, the one on the other end is fine. The last one which failed was not quite at 90degrees to each other as i could not fit the grease gun on the nipple easily so presumed this was why it wore out quickly, however this one i made sure was at 90degrees between the yokes.

Genuine parts used each time

Any tips or help appreciated. Or is there just something wrong with the propshaft?


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Well i presume the prop is balanced ok because there is no odd vibrations. Will check about binding and sliding joint. Im running about a 1 or 2 inch lift and so expect them to wear a bit quicker but its strange how the other uj's do not seem to suffer the same problem.


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