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I am in a position where the 110csw 2.5na needs a clutch. I have a 2.5td sitting in the garage, would there be a noticeable difference in power gain in a 2.5td in an off road senario? The 2.5na can run out of steam now and again. Should I wait for a Defender 200tdi. Am I right in saying that a Def 200 is easier to change than a Disco 200 into a 90 or 110.

I am still going ahead with the clutch change on the 2.5na but down the road I might do an engine change.


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i have no experience of the non turbo but the difference between the 2.5td and the 200tdi is a lot. my friend has a 2.5td and i have a 200 tdi and the difference is silly. also if you are going to the effort of an engine conversion do it properley. ;) plus it will be more desireable when you do come to sell it.

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I'd wait for a Tdi, it doesn't have to be a 200, you can fit a 300 to your LT77 and the only extra work will be making one custom engine mount to fit to the engine on the rh side. The 300s are the same in the disco and the defender so you'll get more choice too.


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Hello Bushwacker

as u know i have just finished changing the engine in my 90 from 2.5td to the 200tdi and i really really notice the difference, just far better to drive.

on a different note where u out last weekend, that son in law of mine ended up damaging the tie bar on the steering on Greengrass, phoned me as the steering was wandering, see other post on this forum


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