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Clear skies?


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Guest diesel_jim

I love full moons me. great to be out either a) walking the dog, or B) far better, off roading! especially where i usually loiter... salisbury plain, as it's mostly chalk, the moonlight really reflects well, and doing the usual thing like i do... driving with no lights (it's a throwback from the my Army days) it's /almost/ like driving during the day.

another useless bit of trivia... i have a mild form nervous twitch (touretts syndrome), and when it's a full moon, it gets slightly worse! haha!! wherewolf!!!!!!! :blink::blink::ph34r:

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JUst got in from a very pleasant evening with an old rugby mate of mine, decided to walk the 2 miles to the pub so I could have a beer or several :P

I can confirm that said very bright moon is shining bright in rural Wiltshire and did a good job of guiding me home, along with my iPod :D

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Took this @ 2245 from my drive,with my 3.2mp digi camera, very high & very bright here in South West Cornwall :D


Took this 5 mins ago with a 135 round brush in Photoshop


I couldn't resist sorry mate


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