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240V Impact wrenches


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I was thinking a while back about the somewhat lacklustre amount of rattle I have in my garage, combination of a small compressor and a cheapo Draper rattle gun which most people seem to think isn't a patch on a more expensive unit (though I've never used a more expensive one)

The thing is I don't really need a big compressor for anything else, it would cost a lot to replace both items, and it would take up space which I don't really want to take up anyway - so having seen cordless ones I wondered if anybody made a 240V rattle gun. It would also mean you could use it anywhere where there was power, which is likely to be more places than there would be air.

Never seen a 240V one anywhere but a Google brought up various alternatives such as this DeWalt one

Anybody used one? Better or worse than an air one? What make/model of 240V one to buy or avoid? I assume if it's made by somebody like DeWalt it will be a decent bit of kit, I have a DW drill and it's brilliant, glad I paid the extra for it.

If the max torque is even vaguely accurate (325nm which is about 240lbft; there's a bigger DW292 one that does 345lbft!) then it will be much better than the air one I have which struggles to take off wheel nuts (though the little compressor I have only produces 110psi, plug the rattle gun into the 180psi 30ish-cfm one at work and it goes much better :D )

There's also the battery ones like this but I expect they are a lot more expensive (though I think I will get quotes for both types). White90 I think you have a battery one, a Sealey wasn't it?

Opinions please!



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I have used/owned many differant types of nut guns,in the WRC we could not afford to use anything less than the best for outright power and durability.

Air powered i would either use snap-on,igersol rand or chicago pneumatic brands.

Battery powered has to be makita they are the best by far,i still have mine that has removed tens of thousands of bolts in varying conditons from sweden in the winter to corsica in the summer with water,mud and dust thrown in for good measure!The dewalt one you mentioned is a good bit of kit and alot cheaper than the makita gear.

As for 240v makita again wins hands down again, the one we used to carry in the service van for use on hub bearings would try and break your wist like an 1" drive pneumatic gun.If you couldnt undo it with the big makita you might aswell have given up!!! As for cost they where very strong money.


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Well, I've tried an 18v cordless DeWalt impact wrench and was really impressed with it.

It undid a very tight nut with split-pin still through it as though it were fingertight!

Looked into one for myself, but couldn't justify the near £200 prce tag.

Worth it if you need cordless everyday, but the 240v would be a good trade off for use at home...


:shouts: Darling, you know that Christmas list...... :ph34r:

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You might want to check out the Sealey 240V one.

OK it's not in the Snap On league but at about £145 delivered to your door and over 500ft/lb it seems like good value.

check out:


For discount Sealey tools.

Santa is bringing a 240V one for me as replacing batteries is expensive and they would always be flat when I needed them :angry:

Lots of battery powered ones on a famous auction site if you prefer.


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