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Genuine rear safari type door hinge repair kits? I have seen them for sale as aftermarket bits but do LR sell them, and, if so, anyone know the part number?




Can't find the kit but these are the individual parts -

BYG100190 Bolt torx head 19p

330954 Bush 57p

330955 Spring 25p

330956 Washer 38p

BYH100130 Nut Hex Dome £1.26



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The monkeys at the accident repair place insist that the hinges on my badly adjusted rear door are 'very worn', so rather than give them any excuse NOT to get the door set correctly such that all three hinges take some of the load, I thought I might supply some new parts for them to fit if it made their lives easier. Just so that they have no excuses.

Thanks for the parts list Mo. :)


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