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Air suspension in RR Classic


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Air suspension isn't any harder to work on than coils (if anything, probably easier). Assuming you aren't using el-cheapo sag if you look at them coils it's much the same cost to maintain, and as Jon says even the classic version really works quite well. It takes a lot of the compromise out of the vehicle - with coils you always have the same ride height and suspension stiffness, so if you use the vehicle on and off road then it can't be set up ideally for both. The classic system gives a much harsher ride than Land Rover's later efforts, though.

Emergency field repairs are perfectly possible (many faults can be circumvented with a bit of wire and a pinout of the controller connector).

It's one major fault is that there's no reset button, so if anything breaks it dumps you on the bump stops and refuses to play until it's plugged into a diagnostic computer. You can manually inflate the springs and get home (I ran mine like this for ages - just topped the air up once a week) but you can't just press a button to tell the controller that the fault is fixed, so you'll either need to pay someone to reset it or have invested at least a grand in a diagnostic computer of your own.

If you're buying a car which will only ever be used for one job then go for coils and set the suspension up for that job. Otherwise air is good - and much better than it's reputation.

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With a laptop, couple of bits of wire, and a bit of freeware you can download off the net you can diagnose the system yourself for free. On that basis I can see no reason not to use it.

There was a thread on here a while back about it, and I have used it successfully on mine to re-calibrate it so it sits level after changing a couple of height sensors. (Height sensors were changed cos the rubbers on the linkages had perished and split, not becasue they'd failed).

IMHO air gives much better handling on the road, and the load levelling on it is simply brilliant!


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