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Has anyone fitted a second fan to the intercooler on the 200tdi?

It could be thermo controlled from an x-fan switch as it has 2 terminals?


Fans on intercoolers have been done with some success- useful when the vehicle is not travelling fast enough to get the benefit of air flow cooling but when you need the power... off roading!

Why would you want it to be thermostatically controlled? - the requirement for intercooling of the charge air has nothing to do with overall engine temperature. It would be better to have it coming on when the turbo boost reaches a certain level- although you might just as well have it on a manual switch and then have it on when you need it.

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I wasn't too bother about the therm thing, just thinking that the situations when you would need it would be when going slowly, so less air flow and therefore the engine will be hoter - plus it uses the other spade on the x-fan!

What size fan would fit?

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The problem with a fan on an intercooler is that it restricts the natural flow, so on the road, you will get less performance from the intercooler. Basically, do you ever need sustained high boost when moving slowly?? If not, there is no point. I can't really see when or how you would ever be able to do that.

One thing I have found is that on the 200TDI Defender, the stock fan couling substantially restricts air flow through the intercooler. Removing it improved intercooler performance by a huge amount.

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On a wet, clay, muddy play site, yes :)


I remain skeptical. You need to be on full boost (i.e. full throttle) for at least 30 seconds. Sure you can be full boost for a short period, but not sustained. As soon as you go off boost the intercooler cools very quickly from the inside.

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