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Exhausting day.

Les Henson

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This weekend is dedicated to making the exhaust for catflap. Continuing problems is making this very awkward. I have for the 3rd time altered the downpipe, not that there was much wrong with the 2nd one, but access to parts of the gearbox/transfer case would be difficult without removing the exhaust (or part of it), so that's the reason why I altered the route it takes yet again. I also wanted to make the downpipe as big as possible but removeable without even having to jack the the vehicle up.

This is definiteley the final one, it clamps to the turbo outlet in the same way as standard, angled down and forwards also as standard, then passes as close as possible to the flywheel crossmember. It then turns sharply upwards and goes above the gearbox mounting bracket where the first of probably three joints are.

The system is made entirely from 54mm dia exhaust pipe, which is the same as the standard system.

Three pics of the finished downpipe:-




I bought original-type exhaust sealing rings, but to be honest they are really carp and it's almost impossible to assemble the joint correctly without a second pair of hands.

This is what a std exhaust joint would look like:-


The whole thing is just too big and ugly, 50mm long bolts to hold a couple of bits of exhaust together is a bit ridiculous, so I went to my local Southern Exhausts and the guy let me root through the bins for something better. In the end - sealing rings for some makes of Jaguar car seemed to be a lot better.

I had to cut 3mm off the flares of the exhaust pipes to make sure I got a good seal, but as you can see, the whole thing looks a lot better. I know it's under the truck, but I still think the extra effort is worth it :-


Odds and ends pictures now. View of the exhaust on the passenger side under the floor pan.


It's a bit exposed here, but it's as high as I can get it. What a shame I didn't think of the exhaust when the engine was out, I could have altered the flywheel crossmember.


The second section now goes from above the gearbox mount to under the rear floor. Only a small bend in the end of it to get it line-up with the end of the downpipe.


That's it so far. It's a pretty straight run to the rear PTO hole where I'll exit the pipe. I'll use modified Series exhaust mounts to keep it all in place. Tomorrow should see this very awkward job all done.

Just need to go to Halfrauds and buy one of those blingy chromed tail pipes! :D

Les. :)

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The most frustrating thing about making your own exhaust is how long it takes to do so little !

I've made my downpipe and now a rear section to do away with the rear box and go through the body behind the rear wheel.

Each piece takes an entire day to do yet only looks like an hours work on each ! :(


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