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Shipping US to UK question.


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Well, as per title really, I need to ship a couple of boxes (each weighing 80 lbs) to the UK from the US.

How can I do this as cheaply as poss? Time is not a factor. Ish.

Cheers for any ideas - I have been told 'Schenker' might be a good start?


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Jez - nope, the parts aren't from him, so I'm not sure he'd be too keen to ship them...!?

How is your engine arriving? Maybe we can pool resources?

Quote so far: 561 GBP (inc duty and VAT) for 2 diffs from the USA...

That's over half the cost of the diffs...! :(

That is by air even though I asked for sea shipping. Total weight is 80 kgs ish.

Eek! Al. :huh:

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