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Gear ratios


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Hello yes it was me :blink:

I'll run it for you, it is very very accutae.


gear ratios

1 2 3 4 5

T Box Ratio High and Low


Diff Ratios


Then give me the options you wnat to try / and or what your looking to achive, I can then prob suggest some options


PS Bear in Mind sat and sun Mike wolfe challenege so might be a tad busy / slow ! :D


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OOPS :blink: sorry Mark :huh: didn't remember it was your info/program :unsure:

Well it was Nige's program that has been on here recently, mine was posted a few times in the dim and distant past on LRE board.

I'll run it for you, it is very very accutae.

Oi what you saying about mine :angry:


It's as accurate as the data that you put in it, that calculations are correct, although I haven't factored in any slippage in the torque convertor for the auto boxes :blink:

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