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it wont start!


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My '88 rrc wont start! I have spark and i have fuel at the plugs, but the fuel pump was'nt working so have traced the fault right back to the fuse so far,no power to the fuse,havent traced it any further yet but i bypassed the fuse and put a live to the battery so i have fuel, I have changed everything I can possible think of to do with the engine running, relays ecu airflow meter, ignition switch,cold start sensor etc, but al to availe,still wont start and still no power to the fuse.While im turning it over sometimes it will fire and at one point even manage to get it to sound as if it was going to run but as soon as i let go of the key nothing.Im going to try and trace power fault right back to the source but in the meantime can Anyone shed any light on the problem?

Please help

P.S. I threatened it with the hammer,I offered it nice new shiney bits, Ive even threatened to burn it and none of that worked either ;)

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Has it got an immobiliser fitted? Or has it had?

You'll probably need to take the passenger glovebox and vent panel off. This will allow you to look at the wiring at the rear of the fusebox.

Strange, I've been to 2 Rangies this week. Both had no fuel pump run, 1st due to faulty immobiliser and 2nd due to faulty fuel pump inertia switch under the passenger seat (told by his mobile tech the LPG system was faulty). Called us to recover it, not thinking we might actually fix it! :lol:

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Had a similar problem with my '86 Rangie, so wired the fuel pump into the rear wiper switch (no rear wiper 'cos it's a pickup :D) and that solved me problem. Only trouble is, the fuel pump runs with the ignition on even when the engoine is stalled... not the safest of things! :ph34r:

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Good morning,

Had the same problem with my 3,9 Efi: spark, fuel, everything was there.

Replaced fuel pump, coil, distributor head, several relays...no success.

finally replaced the 8 spark plugs..........problem solved!!!

I now have a set of spark plugs in the cubby... you never know..

Good luck


RR3,9 Efi 1992, SIIA 88 1967, RRSport is ordered

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