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Gearbox weight

Guest mr_wuffles

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I reckon about 70 - 80 kg for each. I've lifted both separatly and I don't think there's a lot of differance between an LT230 and an R380 also together they seem to weigh less an a tdi engine (200kg). FYI, they weigh significanly more than an 8274 at 50kgs.

James, I think the shape has a lot to do with it. An LT230 is particularly difficult as there's not a lot to grip whereas a gearbox has an output and input shaft you can hold.

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If they're not bolted together!!! :lol:

R380 is easier as its more compact. LT230 is a right bl**dy s*d when ur lying on ur back under the chassis and trying to lift it on to the main box, not helped by the weight not being equally balanced.... :blink:

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Diesel Jim lifted a complete series gearbox/transfer box out the back of his truck and carried it down my drive once - I couldn't even get one off the deck.

He's a strong bloke for a skinny dwarf! :D

Les. (sorry Jim) :)

They are aint they, IIRC both me and my dad had to lift mine in and out during the 109's rebuild :rolleyes:

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