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Most automotive engines rotate clockwise when viewed from the front, except many Honda engines.  

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Did you see the experiment they did on Braniac regarding the Carioles effect?

The surprising result,

Water swirls in both directions in both hemispheres!

The Carioles effect did influence the direction of rotation but the flow characteristics of the plughole or toilet basin or hole in the ground etc influenced the rotation more and the water followed the easiest route and rotated in the corresponding direction.


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There's a certain point either in the Grand Canyon or near Niagra Falls where dependind on the flow rate of the water (usual, or torrent), a whirlpool is always present but at normal times it will turn oneway, but when it's got a heavier flow of water it reverses it's direction

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This FIAT engine thing had some funny results. They used to make a FIAT 600 (which had a 700cc engine). Then they brought out the 850 with a stroked version of the engine (I had the 903cc coupe). They had done something to the gearbox (dunno why) but the 850 ran 'backwards' to cope with that. Unfortunately the engines were a direct and easy swap, and many people went to all the trouble of fitting an 850 motor to a 700 and then found that they had 4 reverse gears and one forward :D

Anyone remember the Messerschmit bubble cars (sold in the UK as a 3-wheeler becos of the law). Being a simple 2-stroke it had no reverse gears. You stopped the donk, turned the key the other way and the engine would start up backwards. It was theoretically possible to do 90mph backwards. Rather you than me ;)

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And does anyone know why ???????

Apparantly because it was easier to swing a starting handle in that rotation, befor starter motors were common.


I suspect it depends whether you are left or right handed.... As a left handed person, it would be easier to spin an engine anti-clockwise.

I suspect many tools are accidentaly designed "handed" and you don't realise it until you stop to think about it....

Chainsaws for example - Right Handed.

Coffee Mugs from "Olivers" - very Right Handed. :(

Stihl Strimmers - Only come Right Handed. :rolleyes:

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