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Hydraulic Winch


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The hydraulic winch on my 110 doesnt seem to be working properly when its under load it stops pulling and starts making a clicking noise as if its sliping a gear, when its not under load it works fine. Do they have some sort of shear pin which can be replaced?

Its a super winch here it is.


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From my very limited knowledge of hydro winches:

If the shear pin had gone (if there is one!!) then I would have thought it wouldn't work at all, load or not.

Your symptoms point towards a dodgy pressure relief valve. Did the winch use to work or has it never worked in your ownership? Perhaps it is an adjustable valve and it is set to too low a pressure? Do you have a pressure gauge in the system?

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That looks a fairly late H14

These have a PTO unit on the back of the transfer box, look to see if yours has a Orange plastic cover.

If so its a varibale clutch system, remove cover and look / there should be no shear pin if this version which I think it will be :)

There are 2 "Plates" these plates can have the Grip" adjusted between them, this is done by loosening the nut you'll see with the cover removed and then winding up the allen screw to increase to load before the plates kick out which is like an overload switch, sounds as if yours is set low

Look for a dollop of poiant on the winch unit, this denotes that the winch is ex ulities, and as such the winches are set for 4 differing pre loads, the heavyest being for lifting and pulling steel bits into place, the lightest is set for cable tensioning to a preset load, this last one wouldn't for winching pull the skin off a rice pudding as its set low - ie for cable tensioning not for winching - guessing you maybe have one of these

I have the colours and loads they are set for somewhere, can't rememebr which is which but have a lookie and if need be post up

Try the above and advise


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Thats the one !1

The Orange cover has prob gone to meet his maker - they crack and fall apart.

There is a lock nut and a adjusting nut, the adjuster from memory is in the middle, wind

it up as far as it will go good and tight redo lock nut and try :)


:( I dont understand :o Where is the nut to adjust?

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I can't remeber exactly but basically on the end of the PTO there are 2 "Plates"

You have to wind up the tension betweem them, If I rememebr correctly there are allen key grub screws that have to be losened and then I think there is a central big allen key hole in the "End" of the PTO, maybe a lock grub screw on the side of one of the plates as a lock ?>

Have a lookie, I have a mnaul somewhere at home when Back I'll have a lok if you need

Prob 15 years since I last adjusted my old one (wound up to max and left :lol:)


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