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Lock mountings for Defender 110 doors: marketed by Foleys


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i would have thought it would be an mot failure as a sharp object protruding from the side of the vehicle ready and waiting to take a chunk out of a pedestrian. I would have thought there were better options out there and surely a padlock on every door would be a pain, you'd have to carry around the same number of keys as a prison warden and you couldnt just get in and out youd have to remove the padlock, get in, put it somewhere and remember to put it back after.

I'd keep looking or adapt an existing lock to do the job, possibly a yale type latch?

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Guest wunntenn

You can buy locks that fit inside the panels to the side of the doors which have a flush finish outside, and they use a long toughened bolt that cranks across into the door itself rendering it unopenable even if the glass is broken and hands get inside. I bought a set of Safeways locks and fitted them to my 110. Anyone with a tape measure, drill and rat-tail file can fit them. Google turned up this how-to folr campervans - same idea but slightly larger locks. http://www.mhomes.ukgo.com/deadlocks.htm

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I have these fitted, yes they're 'deeply unattractive' but they pass an MOT fine, and, unlike LR locks, will withstand attack from a spoon/mini/landrover key. It's also handy to be able to remove the locking parts whilst you're using the vehicle. they're pretty much flush with the cappings then.

Having found that between half a dozen mates we could all open at least two other vehicles, I do not trust the LR locks at all, in fact i don't even use them anymore.

IMHO, there's a big difference between being able to pick a lock silently, and breaking a window, which is a lot harder to do quietly, or discreetly.

Certainly not a be-all and end-all though!

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