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Best price for ARB

V8 90 JON

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Cheap isn't esp good, the back lash and clearnaces need to be spot on or it will howl big time or worse wear teeth fast

Spak to Dave at ashcrofts, buy and ask to fit / peg and if he is in a good mood he may do you a deal

Dave did 2x 24 spline APRBs plus pegging for me, and the qulaity of the set up was 101% superb :)

ARBs are too much money to have set up wrong, its a art to set diff preloads etc etc


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I agree that Ascroft is the gold standard - I cannot fault them in any respect. However, Crown Diffs, on ARB's at least have previously had an edge on price and I would trust them to build it up - though I have no personal experience of their work.

My money would go to one of the two - nobody else.


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