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Ignition switch- how easy to change?

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Right, so this morning i jumped into the 90 and stuck the key in the ignition, turn it through position 1 and then 2- no warning lights on dash. Weird. :huh:

Turn key and engine fires as per normal, release key and engine dies.

Repeat. :angry:

Give up then walk to Halfords and buy some wire, a blade fuse holder and fuses and rig the coil as permanent live. Drive to work. Disconnect lead. Work. Drive home.

So tomorrow i have a new switch arriving. How easy is it to change? Do i have to remove the entire column shroud, and drill the shear bolts? Or is there a better method?

Any advice much appreciated. :P

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yep, youre right 2 screws i think through the casting into the switch and it drops out, dad's is dead too but he couldnt afford a new one so i rewired to a sprung loaded toggle switch for the starter and a hidden toggle switch for the coil in the hope that it confuses a potential thief. He would hav fitted a nice starter button if he had one but we made no new holes so we'll change it when he finds one he likes.

hope that helps


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