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Powerflow / Longlife exhausts


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I am going to get a stainless exhaust made for my S1 88" which has a 2.5 petrol fitted.

At the moment it has a modified 2.25 system, but it is a bit small compared with the 90 exhaust, and it is mild steel. I don't want to have to chop a 2.25 exhaust every time I need to replace the downpipe either!

The bore of the 90 pipe is just over 2" (I think). Is there any great advantage in going to a 2.5" pipe (biggest my local powerflow place can bend)?

Has anyone any experience of powerflow, good or bad?

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You wont get any benefit at allon an otherwsie stock 2.5 in using anything larger than a stock system.

I had a powerflow exhaust on my old rover 800. Have to say it was appauling! I went back constantly and compained about it and in the end took the thing off and modified it myself. It fitted where it touched (and it did touch in all the wrong places) the quality of the welding was appauling, it was dreadfully noisy etc etc etc. I would never use them again.

Bear in mind that they use 409 grade stainless which does go surface rusty. You need something like 304 or 316 if you want it to stay nice and clean and shiney.


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Thanks, I'll forget powerflow - it doesn't specify the grade of stainless on their website.

I'll visit Long Life in Preston or Leeds and see what they can do.

I did phone Steve Parkers last year and got the impression that they didn't want to do it. The price they quoted was over double the price of Long Life.

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