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quick question..


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whats the best way to get bearings off without a puller.. tryed smacking them with a hammer now iv hit a tooth and chiped it

:angry: :angry:

id rather avoide this misshap is anyone knows a better none pikey way of doing.. :P

cheers sam

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carp sorry chaps..

CIPX2: no its a tooth off a input gear.. i didnt put that in the note :rolleyes:

Anderzander: i have no idea what bearings.. but there off a input gear off LT230

steve_d: cheers steve will try that one..

simonr: im doing it with out a puller because i do not have one amd i hae tryed smacking it with chisel and hammer but no joy <_< but ill try what steve said with the grinder..

cheers boys..

i can get on with my re-build now :)

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