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Front springs.. TDI v's V8


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Right i have a 200 tdi and i'm looking into getting some new springs for it.

But i have noticed that the springs are different for the tdi and the v8,

and as i plan to swap to a v8 in the future i would like to know the differents and what springs i should go for??

Thanks Dave

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The Tdi ones will be slightly stronger due to the engine being heavier (Tdi = pig iron, V8 = aluminium), though I don't know how much the difference is - but you wouldn't want V8 springs on a Tdi unless you were going for the "wikkid slammed to da floor m8" look :)

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I have Tdi springs on mine at the moment with a V8 and it looks fine ride height wise. Dunno about the characteristics though, will prob change to V8 ones in future just for the hell of it and the fact mine need replacing.

Thats another point, brand new tdi springs would prob be high because old ones will sag after time.

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Bear in mind it not just different spring unsure re Discos, but on 90s ....

TDi does equal pig heavy unit, but it sits far back behind axle as std,

a V8 is ali, but on a factory V8 sits far far forward over the axle

so even tho a load lighter the hanging position of the engines

vary hugely

If a conversion, then you will have a V8 nowhere near Factory positions, further

screwing up poundages and spring requirements


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