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pro comp shock breakage

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I have some long travel pro comps on my 2" lift 90 at the rear. My old set broke off at the top where the loop of metal joins to the top of the shock. Today I noticed one of my new shocks is only joined on that loop on one side. I did have orange polys at the top and rubbers at the bottom and today I've changed to all blue poly to see if that helps. Can I strengthen the top of the shock with some wields ?

I've also secured the spring top and bottom now. Will that help ?

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Are your domed washers on the right way round?

The domed (curved) face should be inwards against the shock bush. If they are on the other way round he eye cannot rotate as the axle articulates and breaks the top off.

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and i would ditch the poly's in the shock as well, much too hard.

use normal rubber shock bushes to allow a bit more give on hard impacts and it'll last longer.

Nick (procomps on for 7 years and still going strong) Clayton

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