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axle serial numbers


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on a Salisbury rear axle


similar place on the Rover type front & rear axles. :D

you'll need a wire brush,some rags & some type of cleaning fluid to make them readable, later serial numbers are made up from lines of dots forming the digits, ealrier serial numbers are normal number stamped into the casings.

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thanks Ralph i have found the numbers on the axles indeed made up with dot punches and not that easy to read .

i was hoping someone would have a list so i could cross check them they appear to be late axles with push in breathers and teflon coated swivels and a bolt to hold on the drive flange rather than a big nut

front axle reads something like 8E6600W---does that make any sense

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any news?

how do I tell the diff ratio by axle number?

best I can find is for a 35 S prefix RR rear axle says ABS & Coil spring suspension.

diff ratio will be same as all permanent 4WD LR's from start of RR at 3.54:1 nothing listed in parts info by axle serial number.

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sounds really confusing, as I don't think my car is equipped with an abs (it's the early type of braking system). do you know by chance which are the major differences between ABS and non-ABS axles? it seem this car is a 'hotchpot', so could it be so that they took an ABS-enabled axle, and installed a non-ABS diff/brakes?

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ABS axles have the sensor fitted through the top swivel pin, so the pin is different, plus the CV joint has teeth on it to trgger the ABS sensor.

As far as I am aware, the calipers and discs are suitable for ABS and non-ABS operation, so basically you bolt them under the truck and run the pipes to the calipers as you would normally.

The diff is identical between an ABS and non-ABS axle, unless one is imperial and one metric -which is another story :)

I suspect you have a pair of Rangie Rover axles under there, from a late 80s/early 90s truck, which came equipped with ABS as standard.

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