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electrical help please.


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does the fan have a 'W' rating? if so divide it by 12 and that will give you a current rating, from which you can size you wire and fuse. You will need a 4-pin relay, and from my experiences, 4mm wire and a 30A fuse, but your fan may be lower powered than the ones i;ve worked with

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Hi graham ,i run a 14" pacet fan on 35amp glass fuses but cheap ones dont last long .you can test what current yours uses with a couple of spade terminals a bit of wire and some blade fuses (a mixed pack from halfords or free from any scrap yard in your pocket) Use the next size up from the one it blows. "vehicle wiring products" into google or the search button will give you relays etc to suit. Kenlowe will sell you their silicon rubber band if you use a capillary type switch to sela onto radiator neck Angus

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Hi guys

can anyone tell me what relay and fuse i need to wire up an electric fan from a citroen xsara into a s11a please.

many thanks



1962 2a swb 200 tdi.

On my series 3 I also have a Citroen fan, to which I used a 40Amp relay. The fuse to the relay is rated just lower than the relay at 30Amp. (Rather burn the fuse than the relay)


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If you want a reliable system you can use an adapter with a thermoswitch from a car with electrical fan. Treads are standard, M22 x 1,5.

As the switch can handle max 8A a 40A relay should be used. Power the relay coil from the ignition 'on' position, so that the fan stops when the engine stops. Else it will run 'forever'.

(However, the engine should really not be stopped while the fan is running, can overheat)

Adapter at the hose to the radiator:


Switch: (from an Audi 100, 92degC. just an example, lots of other cars have similar)


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