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LT230 replacement question

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I'm about to replace an LT230 transfer box for a friend on his 110. I reckon i'm capable, only thing i was wondering is do you have to remove the input gear in the transfer box or will the transfer box just slide off the gearbox intact?



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Ok sounds good to me. Am i going to need a special tool to get this gear out?

Nope. Just take off the pto cover, remove the two torx head screws from the bearing carrier, will probably need to gently tap out the bearing carrier - be careful not to damage it and then pull out the gear. It sometimes helps to rock the prop gently as you withdraw the gear.

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like in these photo's.

1. start with rear of transfer box at the PTO cover


2.PTO cover removed, then find the 2 screws that secure the carrier, may not be any screws depending on transfer box age]


3. all the bits removed


4. the tail end of the main gearbox mainshaft, check the splines are in top condition.


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I wouldn't. Seems like extra work for no purpose.

It only takes 10 mins and allows you to check if the input gear is cross drilled or not if you're re-using the box. It also goves you better manouvreability to wiggle the heavy lump around and get it off of the vehicle.

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