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Flatbed taxis whos hot and whos not? on behalf of Minivin.

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Used to use Green flag which I found very good but I have been told there not as good as before but Brittania are very good and the same as Green flag used to be before Dirct line bought them.

way better than AA or RAC

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I've been a member of the RAC for 17 years and have always had good service until recently. I originally joined when you still got a discount for being a member of the MSA, these days it is via the Morgan Sports Car Club.

Last call out was a broken fan belt and no tools in the Land Rover. Snotty cow on the telephone said I would need to be recovered, 8:30pm, as they wouldn't fit my fan belt. RAC patrolman said he'd fit my belt happily - much better than a recovery.

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The AA themselves seem fine to me on the occasion when I've had to use them... its their sub-contractors which let you down. :angry:

My LSE blew its heater matrix apart on a long tow up a long hill (Corgarff) towing the trailer and spewed the inventory of its radiator out over the carpets so it must have been almost completely empty.

The sub-contractor took 4hrs to get there and then parked his flatbed on the other side of the road, facing the other way and told me he would drive the car up, turn round (with trailer) and onto the lorry.... <_<

When I pointed out that there was no water in it / alloy block / 4.2 prone to overheat damage etc, he gave me the "look sonny, I've been working with these engines for longer than you've been in long trousers..." speech.

It turned into quite a nasty little conversation :rolleyes:

but in the end, the Rangie was winched on.... :D

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