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Smokes in the Morning 300tdi

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My Defender 300tdi runs fine other than when I start it every morning I get white smoke , I have to go down a very steep drive so I decend with no throttle and get clouds of white smoke, it clears after around half a mile and never smokes for the rest of the day.??Turbo?

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As retroanaconda says, its probably unburnt fuel.

Worth checking all the glow plugs are working, as while the engine will usually happily start without them, it might not quite start combusting all the fuel properly until its got some heat into it.

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Yep, if I start it on a cold morning it smokes a little bit until it's warmed up slightly, which leads me to believe it's unburnt fuel.

The glowplugs may well not all be working in mine, I've never tested them, as it is rough as hell when first started on cold days :P

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In my experience White smoke is air or water in the system, blue smoke is burning oil, black is unburnt diesel.

My 300 90 and Series 1 300 di both have had episodes with white smoke at startup - both were water in the fuel related, On the 90, a fuel filter change did the job as it did on the S1 although I also had to drain the tank as well as there was quite a lot of water in the tank...........try a filter change - its cheap and easy.......


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