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Lot of play on wheel

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Hi guys, just replaced the hub seal and swivel seal on the o/s/f wheel on my 90. I have replaced the railko bush, thrust washer and top swivel pin also. having put everything back together, firstly the swivel pin doesnt seem to go all the way down (theres about 3-4mm gap and wont go any further) and also theres a lot of play on the wheel when i rock it in the 6 and 12 oclock position. Is it likely to be the bottom swivel bearing or not? also what could be the reason for the top swivel pin not going all the way down? could the thrust washer be preventing it?


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huh.gifunsure.gif Might be you have the wrong bearing on the top chrome.or wrong top swivel pin. Just how I found mine out!! OR possibly the lower swivel has not gotten into the bearing on the lower side. An adult will turn up shortly !!
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The railko bush has to be the correct way round or it fouls on the swivel housing I think (you could crack it on full lock). If there's a big gap at the top with the bottom bearing seated correctly and the railko bush in as far as it will go (and round the right way smile.gif ), then try it without the fibre thrust washer fitted. If it's only 1mm or so, then shim it up to set the preload. Keep an eye on the swivel seal lip - check that it contacts the swivel ball evenly all the way round.

What make are the parts you've used?


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I rebuilt one a few months back, that was an ex-discovery axle with the counterweights bolted on under the lower swivel pin.

(These use countersunk bolts which are easily stripped)

The replacement bolts I bought were about 5mm too long and they fouled the swivel, preventing it seating on the lower bearing.

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