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Flex head ratchet spanners at Aldi


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These look very similar to those which 'were' available in Halfords Professional range. (I'm not sure they still are).

At 12.99 for only 5 spanners it suggests they are better quality than the normal Aldi Workzone offerings.

The Halfords versions even had the refinement of a ridged finish down only one of the narrow edges so that, with regular use, you could tell which way you had the spanner and therefore whether the ratchet was positioned for tightening or undoing the nut.

There is no direction change lever, you have to turn the spanner over to reverse the direction.

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I have a set of those halfords ones linked above, they dont really get much use though, as i find the heads tend to flop about too easily.

My brother recently baught one of the 150pc socket sets that halfords do, usually 200 down to 100, and i was comparing it with my kit that i baught a couple years back on the same deal, and some of the kit does seem to have dropped in quality. The sockets dont seem quite as nice, and they've dropped the range of 1/2" drive deep reach sockets completely, making up the rest of the numbers by doubling up some of the internal hex drivers (allen keys)

The deep reach sockets included seem shorter, and the "drive" area inside the sockets seems to be much shorter. The old sockets have the drive area going way down inside, whereas the new ones only have around a nuts depth.

I should have taken some photos, but i wasnt impressed.

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