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Defender rear wiper refurb

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With a task of sourcing a new rear wiper motor for post 1995 defender, I was horrified to see £75 to £100 for a wiper motor off the bay. So using some logic that Leyland/rover/LR parts are swappable to cut costs on common models in the factory, I tried the following.

Remove 1 shot rear wiper from said defender AMR3676???? motor burned out from spare wheel preventing operation.

chance it and Buy £10 AMR3265 from P38 range rover. the bay.

Remove good motor from RR part and swap parts over into old casting ( the castings are indentical) ;)

You keep the casting with the 3 pin multiplug which is the park switch from old casting, but gain a new motor housing with the 2 pin multiplug from the RR part. Wiring loom is unaffected. Job time 1 hr. :D

Almost too good to share, but the wealth of knowledge I have gained from here, made it compulsory.

Aplogies if I am claiming a first, turning up at the end and taking all the credit, etc....


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Wouldn't work with a 1985 defender wiper too I don't suppose?

Not tried an 85` the principle should hold up but you may need to move back a model to a RR classic or Disco 1.

Look at the shape of the castings and the number of wires etc. various quality of pics on the bay.

The giveaway on the RR P38 was the 2 pin small plug straight into the motor body.

The other 3 wires are the park switch these go to the 3 pin multiplug.

The RR main loom is different but as I wasn't interested in using anything but the motor I thought I'd chance it.

The part numbers and manufacturer may also dictate if swappable, e.g AMR (later part no.) earlier Lr were NTC or STC etc.


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Ok, this is a thread revival, but I had a rear wiper motor fail, so replaced it with a working spare, and dismantled it to have a look inside.Sure enough, usual failure, motor full of water. However I opened the gear case and to my surprise it was bone dry in there. So how was the water getting in? When I look closely the small 2 pin connector was getting rained on inside the door, I think due to a leak in the glazing above. I have to say I had previously thought it was a worn seal on the drive spindle. It looks like if any water lands on that part of the wiper motor, its natural drainage route is into the motor.....

So if you want to preserve your rear wipers, using your skill and ingenuity somehow seal that socket into the motor casing, and ideally seal the plug up as well. Maybe, solder on some wires and have a separate remote plug and socket.

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