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200Tdi Auto

Les Brock

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Looks like I have a problem :(

Removed the old LT77 backplate fitted the new 200Tdi auto backplate, assembled the torque convertor as per Ashcroft instructions re depth from the front to ensure it is correctly seated on the oil pump !

bolted it all up together.....

Went to fit the 4 bolts through the starter hole through the flex plate and the engine turns easily turn through almost exactly 360 deg's and then locks up :blink: , same happens both ways in exactly the same spot :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

So as the engine was running fine I take it must be catching on something !

anyone any ideas before I have to take it all apart again to find it was something really simple that i'm not seeing !!

Heres hoping !!!!!!!!!

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Trying to remember, but aren't the bolts shallow head bolts - rather than normal head bolts. If that was tha case though, as there are 4 bolts - you would only get 1/4 turn before it came to a dead stop. Perhaps one bolt is different to the others - check they are the same and fully screwed in - they are going to be spinning close to the housing retaining bolts.


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Well to update

Removed the box and its still the same <_<

Removed the backplate and its still the same :huh:

Removed the timing cover and its ok

Seems to be tightening up at 180 deg's now.....it will push past with a bit of pressure but not keen till I know what the problem is !! (and no its not on its compression stroke ...lol :rolleyes: )

Now there is no fuel connected could it be the pump seizing up ???????

What to try next

I thought

Remove rockers !

Remove cam belt

now if I'm thinking stright that will allow the



and Injector pump to rotate freely without catching anything.....

Which should then tell me where the problem is....

The thing I cant understand is it was all working !!! :o

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Has it been stood for a while Lesmund? perhaps something has gone sticky because of that. I would remove the belt and test the cam, crank, and inj pump seperately. The injector pump will have tight spots as it clicks over, as should the cam when it coming up on a lobe, and the crank on compression, but they should all turn ok. I can't understand what the timing cover can be doing that changes things when it's removed unless one of the sprockets is out of line and is pressing against it. Any marks on the inside of it to idicate anything?


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Only been stood for about a month or so !

Beginning to wonder if a nut has been dropped in the head while it was outside in the trailer before I picked it up, highly unlikely but you never know and I cant think of anything else thet would cause this problem :(

Going to remove the cam belt anyway, might as well change it anyway as its it bits now ! <_<

Going to check when its off if everything turns over freely

it it the crank thats the problem......

I'll have to whip the head off :blink:

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Well stripped of Cam belt yesterday

Injector pump free

Cam free

Crank...err...not free !

Removed the head, and found an M6 nut in no 3 Cylinder !!!!!!!!!!

How it got in there I have no idea there is nothing on that side of the engine which is M6 which could have got in there by removing the inlet manifold etc

I know it was running ok before I picked it up, it was sat for about a month in a trailer (so you never know)

The bug bear is the head was skimmed not that long ago and it all replaced then

So another new head gasket, new stretch bolts, new cam belt this one had done about 3000 miles etc etc etc all for an m6 nut

But as its in bits going to replace it all anyway

Still............... had all the valves out cleaned them all off and reground them while I was at it, cleaned all the inlet/exhaust ports out

oh joy

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Nice one , I took the heads off my RRC with an Olds 5.7 V8 diesel some years ago after it started rattling to find two halfs of a 1/4" spring washer stuck in the top of two pistons..... when I finished rebuilding it all I only found one of the two spring washers for the 1/4" studs holding the air filter cover onto the manifold..........mmm ;)



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