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My New 90

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Hi All

Well my landie has gone for good!

Not be done by the sod who nicked it I bought an other! A 1986 90, with 2.5td, good looking landie however not very well, on my way to the Driffield landie show she duely let her oil out all over the A614!

The oil feed pipe to the turbo had broken! A very nice Discovery driver towed me and my family the last 7 miles did I mention he was a very nice man?

Thinking, I am at the biggest landrover show in the north I will be able to get a new or second hand feed pipe... NO SUCH LUCK!

But yet again some very nice lads from the Nottingham and Doncaster landrover clubs helped me, I removed the old pipe cut it back a little and Darrol the man who can, re flanged the end and way hay we were working! but the drama does not finish there!!

Leaving the show driving home gently, just out side Doncaster, 2 flat tyres!

So to my question, I want to replace the broken oil feed pipe to the turbo, but need a part number the only one I can find at the moment is the 300tdi and thats not the 1 I need! It's a steel or copper pipe, can some one help a knackered landie man with a part number!?



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here she is,

retro.. no thats not it, its rigid and coming out of the engine looks like this shape ], the second pic is the pipe we need without the turbo section. (cant find it seperately)

I will add better pics when i can!!



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