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DPS Distributor Pump Problem

Keiths Landy

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Further to my recent posts, can anyone help with the following problem I am experiencing. I have a Series 3 with the 2.5 N/A engine which is fitted with the CAV DPS pump. I have been upgrading and fitting some new bits to the engine and now I find that it will not start again.

I have replaced lift pump and fuel filter and generally had a good clean up of engine. I am getting a good flow of fuel to the filter and to the distributor pump and both items have bled okak, but on cranking over the engine I am not getting any fuel delivered to the injectors.

I checked the fine plastic filter in the DPS inlet port and this was clean. Re-bled and still no delivery to injectors. Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Keith (Keith's Landy.

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There isn't an electric stop solenoid on these. But it is worth checking the mechanical one is adjusted correctly and not stopping fuel.

I think you will find there is, on the 2.5. There is certainly one on the 2.5 Turbo version in mine.

Perhaps you are thinking of the 2.25 - although I know nothing about that apart from the pump is mounted in the 'distributor' position.


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Hi Phil,

Yes my 2.5 is fitted with the lucas CAV injector pump, and this has the 12 volt solenoid fitted. I have checked this many times and even removed the plunger and spring, but I still cannot get fuel up through the injector pipes from the pump.

I have read other articles in the forum regarding towing to get fuel moving through the pump. I am currently living in Spain and its totally illegal to tow a vehicle behind another which rules out that option.

Is it possible to use say a syringe and squirt diesel down the pipes to the distributor pump from the injectors thus removing the air in pipework.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Keith's Landy

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crack the injector pipe connections open at the injector end, this will allow any trapped air out & as soon as diesel fuel is visible retighten the connections.

Thanks for that info, but I have tried this several times whilst cranking the engine, but nothing is being fed up through the injector pipes. Any other suggestions.

Keiths Landy

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I took my injectors out to get them spray tested and when I put them back in it would not start.

I flattened the big truck battery I have in it trying to start it I cracked the injectors wound

it over for ages and eventually the battery was flat.

I had a reserve boost battery and some jump leads so I started again and still nothing so, before the reserve battery was flat

I thought easystart! though I dont like using it, so I gave it a good blast in the inlet manifold and it rattled into life now it starts as it did before.


2.5 12j 1985 90

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Have you done anything to introduce air into the injector pump, such as replace the pipes or other work on it? Replacing the filter and lift pump won't do this - providing you bled the low pressure side of the system. Cranking the engine on the battery will almost certainly flatten it before it starts with a significant amount of air in the fuel. Cranking the engine with the throttle wide open will speed the starting process up by quite a lot. If possible - I just tow start a vehicle to save both time and the battery/starter motor.


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You need to bleed the fuel filter as well as the injection pump by manually operating the lift pump. Do the filter first and then the injection pump, making sure to bleed until the emerging diesel is bubble free. If this does not work, then you have a faulty injection pump.

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